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We are committed to carrying only top-quality CBD Cannabis and CBD products that are certified and produced strictly in environments that comply with current regulations. Our CBD Shop has always set the following goals:

  • To offer our customers the assurance that CBD Cannabis meets our quality standards, naturally produced and affordable to all.
  • Research and innovation in the development of new products derived from or containing CBD
  • Scientific dissemination on the properties of CBD and other phytocannabinoids.

Multiple years of experience allow us to constantly improve the quality of our products and our CBD Cannabis, upholding the highest quality standards dictated by innovative scientific methods and in full compliance with current regulations.

Don't stress, it's Legal Weed !

Legal weed is a term for a set of industrial hemp phenotypes that are suitable for cultivation for production and extraction of CBD and other cannabinoids.

On our CBD Shop we sell only certified varieties of legal weed, being hemp for industrial use being part of the genetics that can be cultivated in Italy according to law 242/16.

So it is perfectly legal to buy Legal Herb, both in physical points and Online. All the light cannabis inflorescences on our Cannabis Shop are not narcotic drugs under Italian law (DPR 309/90).


100% LEGAL




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Cannabidiol, not being classified as psychotropic, is legal in Italy. The market related to the trade of these phenotypes of Cannabis sativa is regulated by Legislative Decree 219/2006, current legislation on the trade of medicines. Cannabis Light is recognized as a legal support in Italy (Law 242/2016, Art. 4 co. 5), based on the fact that the concentration of THC in it does not exceed the limit of 0.5%,

If you are interested in safely buying legal weed or cbd online in europe, we recommend you make use of our CBD Shop!

Legal weed is also known as light cannabis, as it lacks the psychoactive properties of illegal marijuana. In fact, CBD (short for Cannabidiol), a legal chemical that has positive effects on anxiety and stress levels, is the active component of legal weed.

  • Anxiolytic
  • Analgesic
  • Antidepressant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antiemetic
  • Anticonvulsant
  • Neuroprotective
  • Antipsychotic

Several studies have also shown that its consumption has no perceivable adverse side effects or attributable to it. Read this in-depth article would you like to learn more about the properties of Cannabidiol.

CBD Therapy has created several platforms for purchasing CBD products. Everything here is simple, fast, discreet and secure. All you have to do is choose the products of your preference or other products on the pages of and add them to your shopping cart. For each product you will find references and important information, useful to make better choices and to select and facilitate your order. Once your products (Cannabis light, CBD Oil, legal hashish or other) are in your cart you will simply enter the shipping information, and proceed to payment by credit or debit card. A few steps is all will be done. You will have completed your order on our CBD Shop, and the CBD Therapy team will do the rest to send your order to you within 24 hours, discreetly with total respect for your privacy.

On our Cannabis Shop you can pay by credit/debit card or directly upon delivery to the courier (Italy only). There are no additional charges for cash on delivery payment. Orders sent to a European state other than Italy cannot be completed. We also always offer 5€ off any cart when payment is made with Cards.

Since 2020, 3D Secure has been enabled on most card payment circuits. 3D Secure prevents attackers from making credit card transactions without your knowledge, limiting instances of credit card scams and phishing, for example. In fact, the 3D Secure system enables an extra layer of security for all online transactions, which must (upon activation) be confirmed by a unique, randomly generated code sent to the phone associated with the card via text message or app from your bank. If you do not receive this code and fail to complete the payment you will need to activate the 3D Secure system on your card and/or enable purchasing for your card of all merchandise categories, which will allow you to make CBD Online purchases. For more information and activation guides Click here In case you fail to complete the purchase or activation you can pay for your order by cash on delivery, otherwise please feel free to contact our customer support to request alternative payment methods.

On our CBD Shop you can conveniently pay the goods directly upon delivery in cash to the Courier for Orders up to 200 Euro! Just select “Payment on Delivery” at the checkout of your Order!

To complete the pending payment of an order simply access your profile from this link or from “My Account” in the navigation menu, continuing in the Orders section you will find a “Payment” button that will allow you to redo the payment without having to redo the order from scratch.

We make Refunds only after the second delivery attempt by the Courier. To request a Refund contact us via Mail or Chat. Once a refund is made it will take up to 5 Business Days before the transaction shows up on your Card statement.

After your order is received, you will receive a Mail indicating that your order has been successfully completed. This means that we are preparing your shipment! Your order will then be turned over to the Express Courier as soon as possible. Once the shipment is taken care of by the Courier you will receive the next day “Tracking Number” via Mail, the code that will allow you to track the shipment of your order, starting the afternoon of the next business day after the order is taken care of. To track your order you can enter the Tracking on our site here, or click directly on the code in the mail and you will be redirected to the courier site with the Tracking already entered. Orders placed on Friday will receive the email on the following Tuesday, as the courier company picks up Monday orders placed over the weekend. We remind you that couriers work from Monday to Friday, so we do not receive deliveries on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. If you have any questions please contact us using the form provided and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

All packages are shipped in anonymous BRT envelopes like the ones in the photo below, which do not reveal the inner contents of the package.


Find out how different types of discount codes work on our CBD Shop and what you can do to get them! Click here to see all the different types of discounts you can get on our CBD Cannabis site.

Every purchase that is made with your account will give you 1 Point for every Euro spent! Every 100 Points equals 5€ of Discount! You can then choose in the “Shopping Cart” page how many points to use and how much discount then receive for each following order! Please note that to accumulate points you must have an account on our site and make purchases with it. In case of purchases as a Guest the points cannot be added. In case that you do not have an account yet you can register one here and immediately receive 50 Points on your Account. You can always check the status of your Points on the “My Account” page For any questions or concerns please contact us in Chat on the site!

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Because the product is a vegetable or derived from Legal Grass, it is subject to decimal variations in weight due to various factors, such as moisture and desiccation.

The micro-debit of 0.30 cents is a standard and automatic practice of the payment circuits, used to verify that the data entered in the card saved by you in your profile is correct and that the payment method is active and working when you try to buy CBD online . The microdebit is canceled and reversed automatically as soon as it is successful, as verifiable from the screenshot attached here.

All products on our Cannabis Shop are packaged in clear sachets or jars with our logo on the front. The Design is specially designed for display in public establishments and to bring out the qualities and characteristics of the different CBD Cannabis genetics.

Our CBD Shop guarantees traceability and certification of products along the entire Production Chain. We have decided to select only Organic Cannabis Light productions grown in Indoor protected and specially designed environments. We constantly analyze every batch of goods and sample that we sell, in every aspect in order to make sure that all the products in our Cannabis Shop respect the legal limits and do not contain substances that could make the product unsafe.

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