The CBD Therapy idea comes from the passion of two young entrepreneurs under 30 graduated in pharmaceutical biotechnology to bring out molecules that can be objectively useful to humanity regardless of the plant of origin.

A real stance against public opinion too often subjected by the media and fake news: now there are more and more researches that show the true effectiveness of CBD in different areas and in different forms.

Our service is then designed for all the people who want to use the product but can not or do not want to leave home.

The synthesis between the two concepts mentioned above is clear in our slogan: THE WELLNESS OF HEMP AT YOUR HOME.

Ricerca CBD

CBD research

The research on CBD was born from the need of new competences regarding ancient medicinal plants such as hemp, of which we exploit all the natural power of CBD. This cannabinoid is conquering the world and more and more researchers, producers and consumers recognize the potential of this miraculous compound.

Our Project

We produce the highest quality 100% natural cbd herb and CBD oils, extracted from the best Italian hemp crops. CBD continues to gain important recognition for its many therapeutic properties. That’s why CBD Therapy is committed to offering its customers only the best CBD oils on the market, ensuring maximum transparency throughout the production and extraction phase.

CBD Therapy uses cold extraction for its CBD oils, maximizing the effectiveness of the CBD and eliminating any trace of waxes, fats or chlorophyll (responsible for the black color and pasty texture of unfiltered oils). Through a filtration process we remove all impurities and keep the important profile of active compounds intact, resulting in a liquid and golden oil. Our CBD oils are optimized to provide consumers with all the benefits of the cannabis plant, packaged in convenient and discreet bottles.

The several years of experience that we have behind us have allowed us to improve the quality of our products, supporting the highest quality standards dictated by innovative scientific methods and using only the best raw materials, in full compliance with current regulations.

Progetto CBD