Analytical Laboratory in the Medicinal Research Center of the Toscana Life Sciences Foundation: coordinating center of the Tuscan Life Sciences District and bio-incubator of excellence. Structures and interdisciplinarity represent an enormous added value, supervised and directed by a scientific committee specifically set up in collaboration with SICAM РSocietà Italiana Canapa Medica. Thanks to this partnership, in addition to research and development, the division dedicated to training is structured.

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World leader in the production of Cannabinoid products and derivatives. Founded by Ronald Glas, a biotechnical engineer who dedicated 30 years of his life to the research of cannabinoids for their effects on the human body. Holder of numerous discoveries and innovations in the field of Hemp and Cannabinoids. We work together to identify new trends and innovative raw materials to make sure our customers are always ahead of the market.

Naturalab was born with the intent to create a deontological standard and to contribute to the structuring of Italy as one of the main production sites of the hemp industry.
It firmly believes in the enormous potential of our sector and dedicates all its time and capital to increase the level of organization and professionalism. For this reason it reserves a lot of energy in the selection of collaborators, suppliers and business partners. They are specialized in the pharmaceutical, traditional and natural cosmetics, food and industrial sectors, as well as in bio-construction, and can count on an efficient, transparent and punctual logistic supply chain.

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Fitodrink is a new line of products that integrates phytotherapy techniques into the well-being of body and mind. The Fitodrink team consists of nutritionists, herbalists and designers who, through constant research, aim to improve our daily lifestyle with cutting-edge phytotherapy products. Fitodrink focuses on integrating nutrition, conventional plants and mycotherapy products.